Saturday 2nd March 2024 Tournament

In a lot of ways, this tournament was quite remarkable.

Martin is now 10/10. He played for the first time and won in September 5/5 and now in March without dropping a match. Steve looked as though he was on track to achieve the same result being 8/8, winning last month until playing Hammon and Martin. The winner was still not decided until the last match. Martin had to beat Steve otherwise Steve would have won on a +/- countback.

The other amazing game’s were both between Morteza and Hammon. In the first, Hammon had a blot on Morteza’s 1 and 2 points behind a 4 point prime. Morteza had one piece to bring home sitting on the 13 point. Only dbl6 or 6/5 would swing the game as Hammon had a full home board prime. He rolled a 6/5.

Later in the match Morteza sitting on the bar needed a dbl 6 to enter Hammons 5 point home board, hit on the 13 point and cover his blot on the one point. Sure enough he rolled the magic 6/6!

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