Saturday 2nd September Tournament

Our September tournament went off quite well. We’d always like more players but Olga, Martin and Alex played here for the first time.

There was no argument over who won the dinner for two and the $110 in the pools. Martin won 5/5.

Adam was R/U 3/5 and Olga the Consolation winner.

Little Emma made a guest appearance.

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Saturday 6th May 2023 Tournament

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Saturday 6th May 2023 Tournament

This month’s tournament was a quieter affair than the past two.

We played 4 player RR with an interesting financial result.

James entered the $5 pool.

Matt entered the $10 pool

Rob and Ben entered all the pools, $5, $10 and $20 pools.

As It turned out the final was between James and Matt. James won the $5 pool $15 and a dinner for two while Matt won the $10 pool of $20 and a bottle of wine.

In the Consolation Ben won the $20 pool of $40 and the bottle of wine.

There’s a photo of the RACA preparing for that evening’s 200 seat dinner on the photo page.

Thank you to all players for respecting the ‘dress code’ of the RACA.

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Saturday April 1st 2023 Tournament

12 players = 2 groups of 6 Round Robin.

The same 3 players as last month rolled their way to the Final and Consolation with the addition of Jamie who was looking as though he’d sweep the board before running out of puff in the Semi-Final and then Consolation Final!

The order was slightly different though with Morteza beating Adam for the dinner for two in the Final and Aram winning the Consolation.

Adam had the last laugh though. Morteza had only entered the $10 pool winning $80. Adam took home a bottle of wine plus $255!

Smartest dressed gentleman prize went to Rob.

All matches were played in good spirits and there was no pressure on your TD. Much appreciated; thank you!

I hope to see you all again on Saturday 6th May.

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Sydney Backgammon Club’s Saturday March 2nd 2024 Tournament at 10am.

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia is a private club.

If you intend to play please be aware that SBC annual membership ($25) is required for entrance to the RACA. 

Membership payment and/or notice of attendance to be received prior to 4pm Friday 1st December 2023. 

I am required to supply a list of players/guests. Please bring ID (driving license?)

$20 will be returned in prizes at the end of year tournament in December

Sydney Backgammon Club

BSB 082-309

A/C# 582863008

No refunds will be entered into.

NB. There is a dress code.

Men are required to wear at a minimum a collared polo shirt, slacks (jeans are not allowed) and covered shoes.

Ladies are asked to wear smart conservative attire.

Please bring a board if you have one.

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Saturday March 4th 2023 Tournament

Thanks to Megan Lavender and everyone that has assisted in getting us to this point.

Megan Lavender, Board Member of the RACA

The first tournament in our new home at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia was a pleasure to direct.

We were expecting 12 players but illness and misunderstanding made it 8 on the day. A lovely number

I ran two 4 player round robins.

The two best in each played off for the final and Consolation.

Father, Aram and daughter, Aslin in one, Adam and Morteza in the other.

Aram and Adam played off for the dinner for two and the total pool/s of $185 and bottle of wine.

Aslin and Morteza for the Consolation and bottle of wine.

Adam won the Tournament and Morteza the Consolation.

(An honourable mention to Matthew who won the side RR and $40)

All matches were played in an excellent spirit. Well played everyone.

Next tournament is on Saturday 1st April at 10am. (No April Fools!)

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Great News!

It is with pleasure that I can announce that the

Sydney Backgammon Club’s

new home is at:

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia

They have generously offered to host us for a tournament
on the first Saturday of every month.

Their address is:

89 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

Their website is:

Our next tournament is at 10 am on Saturday 1st April 2023.

Please refer to the ‘Tournament’ page for further information.

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