Saturday March 4th 2023 Tournament

Thanks to Megan Lavender and everyone that has assisted in getting us to this point.

Megan Lavender, Board Member of the RACA

The first tournament in our new home at the Royal Automobile Club of Australia was a pleasure to direct.

We were expecting 12 players but illness and misunderstanding made it 8 on the day. A lovely number

I ran two 4 player round robins.

The two best in each played off for the final and Consolation.

Father, Aram and daughter, Aslin in one, Adam and Morteza in the other.

Aram and Adam played off for the dinner for two and the total pool/s of $185 and bottle of wine.

Aslin and Morteza for the Consolation and bottle of wine.

Adam won the Tournament and Morteza the Consolation.

(An honourable mention to Matthew who won the side RR and $40)

All matches were played in an excellent spirit. Well played everyone.

Next tournament is on Saturday 1st April at 10am. (No April Fools!)

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